Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Edition: Chicken and Peaches

One of my favorite Food Network chefs is Rachel Ray. When I really started cooking, I tried her recipes the most. The were easy enough that I didn't feel overwhelmed cooking them, and very delish and fast.

Cue this evening. My husband and I had watched a newer episode of 30-Minute Meals on Food Network. She was making this dish. I honestly wish I had a picture of what I made tonight because it was beautiful!

Since I didn't modify the dish at all (ok--I took the hotsauce out because my 17 month old can't handle it and I used chicken breast only, and not thighs), I'm simply going to link you to Food Network's recipes. It was a LOT of work (I've never had that many pots and pans going at one time), but it was WELL worth it!

Note: This is not for the faint of heart. Something this good, comes with a point price!

Chicken and Peaches recipe:


Sweet Onion Potato Au Gratin recipe:

Husband's Grade: B
WW Points: Chicken: 10 points (1 breast, 4 peach quarters)
Potatoes: 10 points (1/4 of the casserole)

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